About Us

Global innovators in integrated building management and IoT solutions

Established in 2018 in Pune, Bluecoin IoT leads in prop-tech innovation by seamlessly integrating diverse building management solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability, endorsed by NASSCOM® and ISO certifications.

Leadership team

Bluecoin IoT's leadership, rich in global tech experience, drives prop-tech innovation and fosters a culture of teamwork and industry leadership.

sandeep kandalwar

Sandeep Kandalwar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
kushal chokhani

Kushal Chokhani

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
sanjay oswal

Sanjay Oswal


A Timeline of Growth

Starting in 2018, Bluecoin IoT has quickly expanded, establishing a global footprint and pioneering industry innovations from Pune to the world.

timeline background


Started Bluecoin IoT


Got first client


Did 1.5 mn Sq ft of deployment


Digital Twin Launched


Apptimus rebranding

Empowering leaders with revolutionary workspace

Partnering with Fortune 500 firms to deliver unmatched workspace technology and innovation.