Apptimus Mobile App

Elevate your workspace with the Apptimus Mobile App. Simplify management tasks, enhance efficiency, and drive productivity anywhere, anytime.

Effortless Desk Booking

Book desks instantly with just a few taps, ensuring a seamless and personalized workspace experience for every employee.

Live Availability Checks

Access real-time desk and room availability, facilitating efficient planning and utilization of workspace resources.

Calendar Integration

Synchronize with your calendar for automatic booking schedules, streamlining your daily planning and workspace allocation.

Workspace Analytics

Leverage detailed analytics to gain insights on workspace usage patterns, helping to optimize space and improve productivity.

Driving Value Indicators

Elevate your workspace dynamics with a strategic approach to visitor management, ensuring enhanced security, efficiency, and a first-class visitor experience.
Apptimus Dashboard

Dramatically Enhances Your Operational Efficiency

Streamline daily operations with our mobile app, reducing time spent on desk bookings and space management, and increasing overall productivity.
Apptimus Dashboard

Fosters Unprecedented Workplace Flexibility

Empower employees with the flexibility to choose their workspace, adapting to the hybrid work model 
and boosting job satisfaction.
Apptimus Dashboard

Delivers Actionable Real-time Workspace Insights

Gain valuable insights into workspace utilization and employee preferences, allowing for data-driven decisions that optimize office space.

Download Apptimus: Your workspace command center

Elevate your workspace with Apptimus. Simplify management, boost efficiency, and ensure a seamless operational flow with just a tap.

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